1977 GMC Motorhome – 26’ Transmode (near Atlanta, Georgia)
Location: Jasper, GA - (about 75 miles North of Atlanta, GA)
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The MOTOR & the original H-D AUTO TRANSMISSION were REBUILT & have been used very little since.

Mileage: 98,302 miles

Vehicle Information
VIN: TZE367V101174
Vehicle title: Clear

Condition: Used

Length: 26 feet Sleeping capacity: 3 Air conditioners: --

Fuel type: Gas
Awnings: one

This is a CLASSIC Motorhome – totally UNIQUE.

It had, among other things, FWD (front wheel drive), an Olds 455 cu in motor,

4-wheel rear air-suspension (independent front suspension), aerodynamic molded fiberglass body & absolutely beautiful design (in a day when all the rest were “boxes”).

The “TRANSMODE” is a special model, with a REAR DOOR for commercial use.

It came from the factory without an interior – you custom made whatever you needed.

We used it to demonstrate our products (racing shocks) at auto races all over the country. We made it so the front part was a small motorhome where we could have a drink or a snack and conduct business.

The rear housed product, a shock dynamometer (tester) & a small service area.

We have not used it in many years.

It needs a total restoration.

It will need several new or used tires -
LT 8.75R16.5 load range E (10 ply)

Mufflers have been removed.

But, the motor & transmission are great.

The windows body, frame etc. are all fine –
it is just dirty, neglected, & needs a complete going through. Mice have chewed some of the wiring, which will need to be replaced.

We took almost everything out some years ago, thinking about converting it to a “full” motorhome but it never happened.

It has a killer ONAN 6 kW generator & and even an inverter for 12v (to recharge batteries while sitting). It even still has a cool awning.

It has two (2) large fuel tanks (50 gal each as I recall) that have been cleaned and re-conditioned in 2009.

Many people still rebuild, modernize, CHERISH & use these motorhomes.
Basically, all parts & services are STILL available.


Everything is ORIGINAL,
It is NOT restored,
NO rust,
It would be a great start to build a new one.

With all independent suspensions & air-ride it was really a great driving vehicle – far superior to any other motorhomes at the time – and probably still!.

We think this is the big, powerful OLDSMOBILE 455 cu. in. V-8, yet it got fairly good mileage.

It was really fun to drive - EVERYBODY WAVES and asks about it wherever you go.

It has 98,302 miles on odometer (I believe this is correct),
There are 3 AIR CONDITIONERS – the one on the dash (a “conventional” car type) and two (2) roof units.

It has a clear title.

If you're interested give me a call.
I'll be happy to tell you all about this cool vehicle.
Call Larry -Jasper, Georgia -cell 404-731-7806